Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ SpA's real estate assets are concentrated in the retail sector and have a fair value, based on the independent experts' appraisals at 30 June 2017, is equal to €2.21 billion. Almost 92% of the assets are in Italy: thanks to these numbers IGD is the biggest retail real estate company in the country. IGD purchases and manages properties - primarily hypermarkets and shopping malls - with a long term view in order to extract value through commercial and real estate operations designed to maintain the quality of the assets over time. In 2008 IGD, currently listed on the Italian Stock Exchange's STAR segment, was the first Italian company to become a REIT (Società di Investimento Immobiliare Quotata or SIIQ) as most of its income is generated through rental activities. IGD's portfolio is very segmented and diversified in terms of geographic distribution: its centers, in fact, can be found in 11 different Italian regions. IGD's shopping centers, typically mid-size, are generally located on the outskirts of urban centers and have a food anchor next to a shopping mall with different sized stores.

Financial Calendar
09/11/2017 Board of Directors
10/10/2017 Blocking period
08/09/2017 More international recognition for IGD
06/09/2017 Claudio Albertini appointed member of EPRA’s Advisory Board
09/08/2017 Publication of the Half-Year Financial Statement as at 30 June 2017
04/08/2017 The Board of Directors approves the Half-year Financial Report at 30 June 2017, the launch of the activity aimed to support liquidity of IGD shares...
IGD's Headquarters Contacts

Via Trattati Comunitari Europei 1957-2007,
13 - 40127 Bologna

Tel: + 39 051 509111
Fax: + 39 051 509247

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Claudia Contarini

Tel: +39 051 509213


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